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Home Care Questions?

Cervical Traction: The unit for home goes over a door. Make sure your door is closed and you are pulling into the door frame while stretching (the opposite side of your door's hinges). You will do the same number of stretches at home that you did on your last visit. ONLY increase when in the office. If you find your traction unit is too short, let us know! We can easily add an extension. Stretch twice a day!


Wobble Cushion: You will do your wobble cushion stretches the same exact way they are preformed in the office. Three sets of: 20 side-to-side, 10 front-to-back, and 20 rotation, unless your doctor says otherwise. We highly recommend that you place your cushion on a hard chair as those grips on the bottom can ruin leather and pleather. If you do not have an appropriate chair you can use the corner of a SOLID AND STURDY coffee table or purchase a metal folding chair from a used furniture store. Be sure to preform your wobble stretches twice a day!


Positioning Rolls: Depending on your case you will have one or two. You will receive instruction from your doctor and staff on where they go. You will lie on the rolls once a day. Start at just five minutes. If all goes well for for a few days for five minutes add a minuet or two every day working your way to twenty minutes. When you reach twenty minutes on the rolls start increasing in ten minuet increments working your way to sixty minutes. Finally when you can comfortably lie on the rolls for an hour, try to sleep on them overnight. While it may be tempting to use the rolls longer early on, go slow!

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