Chiropractic Consultation and Evaluation

Your initial visit will consist of a consultation and examination with the doctor. The purpose if this visit is for you to discuss your health concerns and goals and help you in determining if chiropractic is the best for your condition. A spinal examination will allow the doctor to exam the condition of your spine and nervous system. If necessary the doctor could take x-rays to see the structure of your spine and aid in treatment options.

Report of Findings     

After your consultation and examination the doctor will review with you the results of your exam and any x-ray images taken. The purpose of the report of findings is to:

  • Better help you understand your condition

  • Discuss if chiropractic is a good treatment option

  • Go over what it will take to get you feeling better

  • Review the cost of care

Wellness Care

Our office highly encourages wellness, or as we like to call it maintenance.